Building a house…the Downside!

We are building our first house.

When we signed up we were so excited to start making changes and picking out colours and fixtures etc, we were told we had a great range to choose from and so it began

We were trying to make a few changes to the layout and every time we got told NO you can’t do that.

The reasoning behind not being able to do what we wanted is the fact we are first home owners so therefore our borrowing capacity is limited plus the fact the mortgage people only allow a certain size house on a certain block size.

We wanted to buy the biggest block we could so we could have a good sized yard, I don’t want to live on a postage stamp size lot.

Our house is 195m2, so the biggest block we could get was 413m2, we originally planned on a block of at least 600m2, so this was our first disappointment.

Secondly we were told we’d have a great selection of finishes to choose from, this was untrue, for us anyway, again due to keeping costs down and not having our house over valued, we got a very minimal choice, some items there was no choice at all.

We felt very rushed into choosing things and signing paperwork before getting a chance to understand it all, and on one occasion we were literally pushed out of the display home as we were signing our contracts because there were possible new clients looking at the home, this for me was a huge kick in the gut.

So we have gone without a lot in this home, things we will have to pay out of our own pocket to keep the mortgage down, this includes

All the cabinetry in the pantry/scullery, The whole house of LED lights, double doors to the theatre, upgraded carpet, the original tile floors we wanted (we now have vinyl) and we can’t have the marble bench tops as these were $7000, So we opted for Laminate that looks like Marble instead.

I am understanding more why this is the case, but it’s not a good feeling when you are so excited to build and get exactly what you want to be told that most items you can’t even have. I have always wanted to buy low and renovate but as first home owners with minimum deposit we can’t do that.

So whilst we are happy to be building and have a brand new home to call our own, I think that our 5 year plan will include either selling and buying to renovate or if we can afford we will keep it and still buy another property to flip and start making an income.

I’ve always been an avid DIYer so that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

So before you jump in and build your first home just be prepared that it won’t be the way you expect it and if you keep your expectations low then hopefully you won’t be as stressed as we have been.

And just remember that this probably won’t be your Forever Home.

Seeya GAM


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