3 days to go!

It’s been a whirlwind journey

Buying a house is so exciting but very daunting also

It’s been so up n down but finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

The hardest part is not knowing exactly what is happening all the time

We take each day as it comes and just hope we have no more setbacks

Moving day this Saturday and we are pretty much ready

I start 2 weeks annual leave tomorrow and will be packing the last of our stuff into boxes

Making sure everything is ready to go for the truck we hired on Saturday morning

We should get the keys around lunch time Friday and will be taking at least a car load down that day probably as we are hoping to only do one truck load on Saturday

I’m excited to get in and start making some changes to the decor

I am struggling to spend money on furnishings, it took a lot to pay out debt and save and I’m scared of spending big amounts now

However we really need a new bed so we have decided to buy one at a local store tomorrow ready for pick up in the truck Saturday along with our dining chairs that we have had on layby for the last few months

Anyways bring on Saturday yeeehaaa

Seeya GAM


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