IVF….the journey begins Finally!

Please note: this post was supposed to be published a few weeks ago so dates will be out sorry

We have our first IVF appointment coming up, I’m absolutely overjoyed, we have booked in several appointments over the last 5 years as well as looked at other options but we have always had to cancel.

Even though financially there are things we need to save for I need to put my happiness on top of the list for once

This has been put off for so many years because there is always something to pay for, a car for hubby, a house, furniture, window shutters etc etc

I even sold my own car to pay off debt we had accrued, as much as I should put it off AGAIN I’m refusing outright, I’m not getting younger and this is something I think about and cry about every single day.

Thankfully here in Australia we can access bulk billed IVF which covers some of the costs and we can also access my Superannuation to pay for the rest or we may be able to organise a payment plan but I will know more soon.

The most frustrating part of IVF is the fact it’s not a guaranteed so whilst I try not to get my hopes up that it will work first time, I can’t help but dream and imagine it will.

I will keep you updated with the whole process, but we may even be able to do a round as early as mid June but I’m guessing probably more likely mid July.

Until next time….

Seeya GAM


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