Kitchen Makeover Update!

From where we left off…

We were waiting for the top coat of paint to dry and unfortunately it decided to go very streaky, we are unsure why, maybe we sprayed to heavy.

So we decided to do a final coat with a roller as we had to do the inside parts of the kitchen with a roller anyway.

They are definitely better but still showing some roller marks when you look close or in the sunshine. But I have decided that I’m done with them as it is only a makeover whilst we save to do a full Reno and I’m still happy with the overall look.

On to the cupboard surrounds and wood edging which we thoroughly cleaned, sanded and primed before painting the same dark grey, they turned out amazing.

We are still waiting a week to put the doors back on so the paint has plenty of time to cure and therefore reduce the chance of knocking them.

My mum visits once a week for 3 days so we have only spent 2 full days doing this project so far which is pretty good if you ask me.

We got into doing the backsplash last night, deciding to use stick on tiles, however there were a couple of issues, they wouldn’t stick properly but that could be fixed by gluing them, they were also uneven, but after we had stuck some up on the wall I just wasn’t happy with the look at all so decided to pull them all off and come up with another plan. Current backsplash below.

Now we have decided to paint the tiles, originally I was thinking an off white or very very pale grey but after a bit of browsing Pinterest we have decided on a sunshine yellow colour as it really goes well with the dark grey and it gives a great pop of colour, and just so happens to be a huge trend this year. Below pic shows the 2 colours we are going for. Hopefully it will look good.

I will be starting that painting on Monday, so my next post will be mid next week and should hopefully show the (almost) completed kitchen, (we haven’t done the upper cabinets, we will do them later) as I have our house warming party soon and don’t want to have the kitchen in pieces.

Hope you like the progress so far

Until later….


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