Monday’s Menu!

I don’t normally share food things with you but I decided why not change it up a bit and give you a glimpse of a pretty simple and normal evening food plan

Tonight on the menu we have Lemon chicken Fillets with Sweet potato mash and a side of veggies

To be honest this is definitely NOT cook from scratch stuff

The chicken is from Jamie Oliver’s range which I got discounted at Coles, the sweet potato is fresh and the veggies are frozen

Whenever we buy fresh veggies they always go to waste as I probably buy too many, thinking to myself I’m going to be so healthy this week, and it very rarely happens.

For dessert we are having an Apple and berry crumble

I did part of this meal from scratch, which was the crumble mixture, the apples are tinned and the berries frozen

The crumble consisted of

1 cup plain flour

1/2 cup brown sugar

Pinch of nutmeg

Pinch of salt

250g butter, slightly softened

All I did was mix this together with my hands and Wella..,,crumble!

Ready for the oven for about 40 mins on 180.

It was all amazingly yum, the chicken was a little spicy so unfortunately the hubby couldn’t eat it all as he’s not good with spicy food. And the dessert went down a treat. All I would do differently is maybe mix the frozen berries with a little sugar to take away the tart taste.

But all in all a great Monday night meal.

Until next time

Seeya GAM

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