The Truth! Its not all Peaches n Cream!

Hi all

I was watching a few videos on You Tube last night, and one particular creator I absolutely love Jay Shetty, all his videos really speak to you on a personal level and make you re evaluate your life. So today I decided to let you all in a little further to my life and let me tell you, its not all Peaches n Cream!

So we paid off $23,000 in debt last year, yippee, we did it by working as much as we could and not having a social life and saving every last cent as well as selling things we owned that we no longer needed but it was worth it in the end as we were able to buy our first home.

We then bought a house and a few weeks after moving in we bought a new(ish) car, most people looking from the outside would say “wow they are doing well, but they wouldn’t be 100% correct.

Whilst we are doing good by being able to acquire these things in the first place, it doesn’t mean we are now sitting back and living our dream life. Quite the opposite really.

We are under a mountain of stress and financial struggle.

I want to be real with you guys so here is the lowdown.

Our current debts

1: Family Loans $10,000

2: Our new car $25,000

3: Our Home $280,000

4: Government debt (from last 15 yrs) $30,000

5: Back Taxes $750

6: Child Support $2000

TOTAL $347,750 wow

Our general weekly expenses (which are scary to say the least) are sitting around $1600 leaving no room for anything else including paying off the above debts. Obviously we do pay our mortgage and car payments as well as child support and government each week, but we also have car registration for 3 vehicles at the moment, petrol, food, utilities etc.

We sat down the other day to nut it over as it was doing my head in, instead of loving our new home and car and relishing in the fact we got there, I’m trying to figure out how we can cut down on food and other bills to be able to live without worry because at the moment we are living beyond our means.

So I am back to trying to get extra work and selling things we don’t need to be able to just cover our weekly expenses. All whilst battling some severe chronic pain that has me wishing I didn’t have to work at all, but I know that is impossible (for now anyway).

This is also causes a few small issues between me and my husband as I’m trying so hard to watch every cent and make sure we keep our bills down that I’m always nagging at him to turn the heater off or don’t use the dryer and I’m sure it’s getting on his nerves a bit.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy sailing but i didn’t realize how tough it would be.

What I am trying to say is, be prepared, when you purchase a home there are so many bills that come with it as well as the general upkeep and any updates that may need to be done and it can be very overwhelming.

Also from Jay Shetty’s video, Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t try and out do others, you don’t need to have the best of the best in your home or car, you just need what you need to live comfortably, if this means you have older furniture or an older car then so be it. Who cares if so and so next door has brand new everything, because I assure you they are also up to their eyeballs in debt and not enjoying all those NEW things they have.

I would rather have bare minimal and enjoy my life than have all the new things and be feeling so overwhelmed as I am now.

Just my thoughts

Until next time….

Seeya GAM

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