Hubbys big day!

The IVF has finally started

Its hubbys big day, Sperm retrieval surgery

He is soooo excited….NOT lol

But he’s being good about it and that’s all I can ask for.

He’s nervous as hell and I don’t blame him when someone is about to stick a needle where a needle should never go but he’s not complaining

So the financial side of things has been so confusing for us as I’m sure it is for many others going through the same thing so I will take the stress out of it for you.

We are in Australia obviously so this only applies here

For hubbys side of things

We paid $1000 in full the day before the procedure, we will get back approx $500 if that from Medicare within 5 days of the procedure

We also paid the anesthetiser $360 cash on the day which we will also get back part of within 5 days but I’m not sure yet as to how much, I’m guessing probably about $100

The hospital day fee is $960 and that is all out of pocket (no Medicare rebate) but that will be sent as a bill to us within the next 3 weeks

The only other cost for hubbys part is the freezing which is $300 all OOP (out of pocket) which I presume also gets billed to us.

So thankfully it hasn’t been too much of a strain on the finances to do this part

However my part we have been told will be around $3500 and should be taken at similar times, so $1000 upfront plus $360 then the rest is billed within a few weeks

I have high hopes that it all works out and we get positive news for hubby and also on our first go at IVF but I know that this rarely happens BUT……it can happen

So please everyone keep us in your prayers and thoughts and spread the baby dust for us.

We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Until then…..

Seeya GAM

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