IVF update!

Hubbys results were great, they said they expected to get about 5 straws of sperm and they ended up getting 11 which is awesome, and they said it was really great quality, however when they froze it and thawed to test the thawing process it wasn’t as good but still quite good, so they are positive about it.

My doctor went for holidays a few days after hubbys procedure and doesn’t return until 24th September but thankfully I was able to make an appointment on the 25th to start the process for me.

I’m hoping to do a round of IVF mid October as long as everything works out, I hope there’s not too many tests etc needed before I can start, fingers crossed it works first time but if not we will hopefully try again in November as the cost is very minimal after the first try.

Thankfully we were able to sell a spare vehicle we had so we have the funds to do up to 3 rounds if need be but hopefully we only need one.

I will have more info after 25th

Until then…..

Seeya GAM

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