My IVF appointment!

So I had my IVF appointment yesterday and all went well

I have my nurses appointment on Monday to get my needles and medications for my cycle and get shown how to do them as it’s been a while

Then I can start the process as soon as I start my period which should be 4th October

So so excited now

If I do get my period on 4th October then my egg retrieval will be scheduled for 18th and the Transfer for 23rd then 10 days later I will get my results which will hopefully be POSITIVE

So on November 2nd I will know the results yay

I will keep you all informed

I have been keeping notes of the costs and when they are due and also when and if you get money back from Medicare so once the first cycle is done I will do a post on that because that was so confusing for us

Also they took my height and weight yesterday and although I am under the weight cut off for bulk billing I’m only just under so I will be doing some clean eating from now to keep it lower so they can’t stop me doing my cycle.

Also I am a big coffee drinker and even after all these years trying to conceive I had no idea that caffeine can actually make you have early miscarriages so I’m also steering well away from that.

Until next time….

Seeya GAM


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    1. Thankyou I have a good feeling about this time


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