Injections and scans!

So I’m currently day 9 of my cycle and I started injections Day 2 after having ultrasound and bloods done

The injections aren’t too bad really, only some small bruises

Day 7 I went for another scan and bloods to see if my eggs were increasing and growing, that day I had 8-9 follicles all around 10mm

Same day I started my second injections to stop me from releasing the eggs

Today Day 9 I had another scan and bloods to check growth, still 8-9 follicles all around 14mm one was at 18mm

I will find out later today hopefully when I go in for the retrieval process

I was a bit disappointed that there are only about 9 as last time I had 16, however that was 11 years ago.

But just got to remember it only takes one to give us our miracle so fingers crossed.

Until next time……

Seeya GAM


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