Finally Pregnant after 18 years!

Yes you heard right, I’m PREGNANT, omg I still can’t believe it, I think I’m in shock honestly. It feels so surreal.

I have been wanting a baby for 18+ years, after 2 marriages, IVF failed in 2008, 2 seperate donors over 20 attempts to conceive, this current round of IVF finally worked and First Go, I’m so beyond amazed and blessed that I finally have the chance to become the Mother I’ve always wanted to be.

I was able to somewhat surprise my hubby and mother even though they knew what was happening but I got in 2 days earlier than I told them lol.

The excitement was a little less than I’d hoped but given they both knew I was doing IVF I’m not really surprised.

That said, they are both super excited.

I will be surprising my Grandparents and a close friend tomorrow so that should be exciting. My grandparents know we did IVF but I still think it will be a huge surprise for them.

It’s still early days and as any pregnant woman knows, anything can happen but all I’m focusing on is positive energy and seeing this through as a healthy full term pregnancy with a healthy bundle of joy at the end.

Baby K coming July 2020

Until next time…

Seeya GAM


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