Maca supplements!

As you know I’m currently doing IVF and I went to an appointment yesterday where they looked at what supplements or medication I am on.

They asked why I was taking maca tablets and I said because I’ve researched them and they are good for fertility

The nurse quickly stopped me and said please STOP taking them

Apparently they actually kill off estrogen which can harm your chances of conceiving

I couldn’t believe it, why would it say they help fertility when they do they opposite, Ive only been on them a month so it should be fine

However I’m really annoyed at that, and also the IVF clinic should check these things first up before anything that way there is less chance to harm any chances.

Anyway it’s done now and I have stopped them but thought others may like to know

You think you are doing the right thing but you could be making it worse.

I’m also on vitamin D, fish oil, magnesium and folic acid which are all good.

Until next time….

Seeya GAM


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