15 weeks to go and counting!!

So I’m just about to start my 25th week of pregnancy and so far only a few hurdles but baby girl is all good.

I’m getting very excited for her arrival but also freaking out with all this virus stuff going on

I’m just glad she’s safe where she is right now, I think I’d be a lot more stressed if she was here now

My mum lives interstate and was going to be coming for the birth but with all the new restrictions on flights and also the restrictions in the hospitals that may not happen which is sad for us all but at least we can video it so she can share the experience

I’m pretty much all organised, nursery is 99% done, just need a rug for the floor, pelmet for the window and robe rail to hang some clothes and then it’s done, although she will be sleeping in our room probably for the first 6 months anyway

I was hospitalised last week for kidney stones and infection but that has since cleared up and now I have SPD which is not fun but it will all be worth it when I get to hold her in my arms

That’s it for now, I will get some nursery pics up soon

Until then…..

Seeya GAM


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