Baby girl is here and blog changes!

First of all baby girl has arrived, she is 6 weeks old on Wednesday and it’s certainly been a roller coaster ride.

Her name is Addie and she is the most precious little darling and loved by many.

My pregnancy was pretty good however it all went a bit downhill at the birth, I won’t go into much detail but I had an emergency c section as she was struggling and I wasn’t dilating, but thankfully we both pulled through and are doing really well now, I ended up spending the first 2 weeks in hospital as I got an infection from the birth.

My sweet girl Addie

In regards to my blog I started it with what I think was some great content however I ended up going down a weird path of using it more like a journal than an informative blog and I received a comment that was quite negative about that so I took quite a long break to think about this and where I wanted my blog to go, as much as I love to chat about life and the goings on, I think it might be best to keep it more general and informative so I can grow my audience and make this into an income stream so I can have my dream of being a stay at home mum to my beautiful girl.

I still have to find time and figure out exactly what I want to blog about but hopefully you will get something from this blog that will make your life easier and better and enjoyable.

Please be patient and stick with me and I will endeavour to make it worth your while

Until then…..

Seeya GAM


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