Kitchen makeover complete!

Well it’s finally complete

Given we did it over a few weeks, we probably only spent about 4 full days doing so, however could have possibly done it in 3 had we been better organised

We had to do quite a few trips to the hardware store and alot of trial and error but we got there in the end

I am well aware that this makeover most likely will not stand the test of time but that’s ok because it is after all just a temporary makeover to make the kitchen feel nicer until we can get a full renovation done.

The total cost was around $200 including a new blind that has yet to be put up.

Cost breakdown….

Laminate and tile primer $38

Cupboard handles $30

Laminate paint tinting $3 ( I already had paint)

Roller blind $40

Tile paint $60

A few painting tools and sandpaper $25


And a whole lot of free labour from mum and I hehehehe

We are very happy with the outcome and it will hopefully bring us a year or two of joy until we have the finances to do a full renovation.



Hopefully you like it as much as we do

Until next time….

Seeya GAM

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